All over the world, all people live in peace in a society with a social legal order, in humane living conditions and can thus develop their personalities fully and freely. This is possible because people see themselves as members of a human family and consider it their human duty to implement the goals of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights for all. They create majorities for this in the societies and thus induce the states to take the necessary measures to implement the goals adopted in 1948 by peaceful means in their countries and through international cooperation in solidarity worldwide.


We promote the development and amalgamation of civil society forces in Africa and Europe that can induce states to implement the UN Charter and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. We encourage people from Africa and Europe to network: To exchange information and opinions about the status of the realization of human rights and about the possibilities of advancing their implementation.



We encourage people who stand for our vision to find partner regions and to organize partnership work with them. So far we have reliable partnerships between the Black & White initiatives in Germany and Ghana. Building on this, we have begun to win people, institutions and organizations in Germany to network with partners in Ghana.

We are creating structures for cooperation with Ghana via the Black & White community platform, the websites and webinars of the Black & White initiatives. Forums and teams for:


1. Networking to work together to build connections with people, organizations and institutions in Ghana and especially in Sunyani and the former Brong-Ahafo region


2.) Networking between teachers


3.) Networking between students, student representatives and student working groups


4.) Networking between parents


5.) Networking between students


6.) Networking for north-south justice and particularly peaceful, solidarity and fair African-European relations (joint structure with the peace factories)