With the Black and White initiative, we are committed to African-European understanding and cooperation. We focus primarily on personal encounters. For decades, we have been using school project days to inspire children and young people in particular to get involved in peaceful, fair and solidarity-based relationships with people in and from Africa. We pass on the knowledge that only such relationships will ensure the survival of humanity. In Africa we cooperate with our partner association, the initiative Black&White Ghana. Through this partnership, we want to bring more people in Africa and Europe into contact and use the new possibilities of the Internet to do so.


The Initiative Black and White promote the understanding that Africans and Europeans are members of one global human family. This conviction is also the basis of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. We promote this understanding to be more interested in each other. We promote to work for peaceful, just and solidary relations and to build them ourselves.   We focus on building direct relationships between people in and from Africa and Europe, so far mainly Germany. With school project days we try to win children and young people for it. With the development of the community homepage we want to connect students, teachers, parents and peace activists directly via forums and groups for a sustainable exchange of information and opinions and for cooperation. We see ourselves as an African-European learning community, in order to be able to cope with the big common and also the different challenges: Climate change, spread of war and terror, pandemics, growing division of the world into people with and without good prospects for life. We want to train ourselves and others to become multipliers who can help find humane solutions, solutions in the spirit of the UN Charter and the Declaration of Human Rights. With projects of development cooperation we contribute to improve living conditions directly and to show that we do not only talk but already change what we can change. Do our ideas and initiatives inspire you? It would be great if you join us. The more we become, the more effective we will be.

latest activities

Going Back to School in Times of COVID-19

What hygienic best practice measures are necessary to minimize the spread of the virus in Ghanaian schools? "

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Support for the construction of a school toilet in Kobedi in Sunyani

With our partner association in Ghana, our initiative in Germany was able to organize the construction of a toilet in a rural school and finance it with the help of German students.

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Political Awareness Project, Sunyani, Ghana

To enable people to make the development of Ghana their cause in order to create a future worth living in Ghana and to make it clear to others that you can contribute to this through your own commitment and not just hope for a questionable future in Europe.


Support for the establishment of a school library in Kwahu Praso

In Kwahu Praso R / C Basic "A" School, the two associations support the establishment of a school library with the help of the students from Georg August Zinn School in Kassel.

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School project days


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For many years we were on tour nationwide for school project days. 500,000 schoolchildren have seen us. For a year now, Corona has brought our activities in this area to a standstill.
But that does not mean that there are no longer any opportunities for African-European understanding.

Our board member Eunice has set up a partner association with her former teacher colleagues in Ghana over the past few years. Together with him, we can now continue the communication work and even build bridges to students and teachers in Ghana.